Bengali Style Mutton Curry (Kosha-Mangsho)

A delicious dish!

Scattered Thoughts

Being a Bengali, (or bong, as the sobriquet goes) mutton-kosha is our staple for every Sunday. It’s a tradition, you can say, to relish upon the ambrosial juice of the ‘chush-haddi’ (bone-marrow) that encapsulates the philosophy of temptation. The steaming red hot mutton-kosha can make any day a sunny and happy one. It’s even considered as the best medicine for heartbreaks! (well, don’t take it too seriously) The dish is savoured with equal enthusiasm with rice or roti.

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Here is the recipe for the mutton-kosha, Bengali style spicy mutton with a velvety gravy.


1 kg mutton (cabrito)
3/4 medium sized potatoes cut into equal halves (Optional)
4/5 tbsp of mustard oil
3-4 medium sized onions
4/5 whole cardamom, 1/2 cinnamon stick
2/3 bay leaves
A pinch of sugar

To marinate the mutton

15/20 cloves of garlic
2-inch thick ginger
2 tsp turmeric powder
1 ½ tsp red chili powder…

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Oh!Its Me

Clouds are roaming like my thoughts
I know one day my soul will be free
As the white snowflakes of the sky,
I, too, will make my way through blue waves
Only you, my love, will not be there
To hold my hand, to plant a kiss on my lips
My tears, my grief, will drop down
On your tresses as rain.